Brokers vs. Banks

Brokers vs. Banks

Mortgage brokers provide FREE EXPERT advice. We offer a wide range of mortgage solutions through a variety of lenders. A mortgage broker and a bank are very different in a number of ways. Understanding these differences can open up new opportunities as well as significantly contribute to your financial health.


A bank services a wide audience and offers as many products as possible in an effort to keep your money with them. Loans, lines of credit, mortgages, insurance, investing and so much more are offered under one roof. While this is convenient, there are significant downsides to dealing with a bank.

Because banks employ a broad approach to the products they offer, their staff are required to be knowledgeable in many things. Not only are they required to understand the mortgage process, they must also be capable of setting up loans and lines of credit, processing transactions, setting up personal and business accounts and much more. The expectations are substantial and in the end it is not reasonable to expect them to be experts in any one area.

In addition to this, each branch has lofty goals and targets to achieve and they are motivated to sell for their company. Your best interests can be quickly set aside in the pursuit of meeting deadlines and maximizing their market penetration.

Lastly, a bank can only offer a limited range of options when it comes to mortgages. They cannot shop around for the best option and they must sell what they have available to them, even if it is not the best in the market.


Mortgage brokers operate independently from mortgage lenders. In doing so, we are free from the limitations of offering only one type of 5 year fixed rate and can instead look at thirty different mortgage lenders and determine which one offers the best product to suit your needs. This gives mortgage brokers the competitive advantage and more often than not, we will offer the best rates in the market.

Brokers vs. Banks

Further to that, we represent no one other than you as our client. We have no large corporations dictating what we can and cannot sell to you and we are not limited by the goals and targets that banks face.

If at the end of the day we find out you can get a better deal elsewhere, we will tell you because relationships are more important to us than short-term business. Our goal is what’s in your best interest and we want to keep you as our client until you no longer need a mortgage.

In the world of mortgages, we are absolute experts. Mortgages are how we make our living and we must be fluent in every detail. You win because we give you valuable advice that will save you money, and we walk you through difficult situations when your bank would turn you away.

Lastly, customer service is our number one passion. We strive in every aspect of our business to provide the highest level of service to you because you deserve to be treated with the utmost respect. We fully recognize the value of you as our client and we look forward to furthering our relationship for years to come.

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