The Mortgage Process

When you have committed to setting up a mortgage, whether it’s a purchase, refinance or switch/transfer, there is a process that is followed.

  • 1. Application

    An application must be set up with us so that we can ensure you qualify for the mortgage.

  • 2. Application Approval

    The application is sent to the lender. An underwriter reviews it and within 24-48 hours we will have received the lenders mortgage commitment with their approval. In cases where the lender is not willing to move forward, we would receive a decline at this stage.

  • 3. Supporting Documents

    The mortgage commitment will detail what supporting documents are needed and we will call or email you to advise of this, setting up an appointment to sign documentation or making arrangements by fax or email.

  • 4. Lender Reviews Documentation

    Once the documentation has been signed and the supporting documents have been received, everything gets sent back to the lender who will review everything and ensure it meets their standards.

  • 5. Close Mortgage

    Once the lender has approved the documentation sent in, they will forward instructions to the lawyer who will be closing the mortgage. The lawyer will make arrangements for signing the final legal documents at his office and he will close the mortgage on the closing date.

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